Daiship Amplifies merchants’ profiles with Kitting services

Daiship Amplifies merchants’ profiles with Kitting services

Order fulfillment companies offer business owners a wide range of fulfillment services. All of these services are elemental to the fulfillment process and they make it easier for merchants to get their products to customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Included in this list of services is the unique option of kitting. For merchants who need help to assemble products before sending them to customers, this service, offered by Daiship, is crucial.

What is kitting?

Simply put, kitting is the assembly of different units or products to create one complete package.

For example, if your business sells a certain product, but the parts are manufactured by different vendors. Instead of having the parts shipped to you, they are sent to your order fulfillment provider who is tasked with assembling the items into a complete and usable product or package.

Another way to describe kitting is to compile different skincare products made by different companies into a comprehensive package that contains everything a user might need. The items are creatively packaged when they arrive at the order fulfillment company, before being shipped.

Kitting, however, should not be confused with picking and packing services order fulfillment companies also offer to business clients. Picking and packing are for items that are already complete and just need to be shipped to customers. Pick and pack service does not include assembling work.

Benefits of kitting

These are a host of advantages to these ready-to-go-packs or kits for merchants. They can be used to generate more sales, as well as increase market exposure. Kitting services also benefit merchants who buy in bulk and need the product disassembled into smaller units for resale.

Business clients who work with Daiship also can get help with marketing options. The company’s services “are geared to making your life a little easier by reducing stress and saving you money,” the company says on its website at Daiship.com.

Flowspace, which offers product kitting and assembly services, also points to the values kitting services affords merchants, especially those creating unique products.

And like Daiship, Flowspace notes that kitting services help to lower costs, decrease the number of purchase orders, and allow for better use of warehouse space. Kitting also means a faster production cycle and response to orders from customers, order fulfillment companies say.

Items fulfillment firms assemble

According to its website, eFulfillment Service offers elements of kitting that range from collating to multi-component product assembly. It also offers light assembly.

The company provides kitting services for hair care products, as well as re-labeling projects.

Complemar’s kitting services involve co-packing, assembly, bubbling as well as kitting. The company provides kitting services for products including food, beverages, electronics and medical devices.

Branding and marketing

In addition to providing kitting services, order fulfillment companies see the advantage in promoting and branding the packages they have created during the kitting process.

Flowspace, eFulfillment Service and Daiship work with its clients to help them get more exposure of these ready-to-go kits to the buying public. The companies include promotional and educational material in each package that it kits and sends to consumers.

Clare Louise